Patinter demands new toll regime in the old SCUTs

05 / 01 / 2019

 It was in a public session that the Minister of Planning and Infrastructure, Pedro Marques, presented the Government's proposal to reduce by 17% (during the day) and 28% (during the night) heavy goods vehicles circulating on seven highways (SCUTS). In addition to these benefits, the extended scheme covers light and heavy goods vehicles, but only when and if the companies are based in low-density territories, with the discount rising to 47% (during the day) and 64% (at night). As a second condition for companies to take advantage of these percentage figures, they must employ more than 50% of people living in the interior, as is the case with Patinter.

Patinter was represented at the public presentation of the proposal - which took place at the A25 service station in Mangualde by Pedro Polónio, who was satisfied and stressed during his speech that "this measure will favor territorial cohesion," although he admits that "the ideal would be that there would be no tolls and that the highways that serve us would be free of charge," but stresses that "this step in itself is already progress.

These toll reductions are in line with the aims of promoting territorial cohesion and competitiveness of the interior, included in the Government Program and developed in the National Program for Territorial Cohesion (PNCT) and the National Program for Spatial Planning Policy (PNPOT).

With these measures, the Government believes that companies could save around 12 million euros. "These are very significant values that can support the use of freeways in the interior and the transport of goods produced in or to the interior and in particular encourage companies to decide to settle in the interior, which is the political objective," said Minister Pedro Marques.