About us

Assuming a prominent place among the leading companies in Europe, Patinter is an innovative haulage company specializing in full truck load.

Established in 1968, Patinter is currently a portuguese family-owned business and the largest Iberian road freight company group. With 6 traffic hubs located in Portugal, Spain, France, and Germany. We can offer you full loads shipments, part loads shipments, distribution and logistics services all over Europe.

We provide services to the automotive, paper, wood, metallurgy, agrifood, and consumer goods industries. Patinter distinguishes itself thanks to its long and strong market presence,  modern vehicle fleet, and of course, for its recognized and very striking presence on the road as a result of the dark yellow color of its vehicles. Every day, nearly 1200 employees of more than 15 nationalities work in over 20 different countries, create a global network focused on rendering excellent quality services. 


We work every day to remain a leading road freight supplier, covering all the Atlantic routes and constantly investing in the finest and most updated resources, besides creating and developing simultaneously transport and logistics services solutions with added value propositions, which actively contribute to the success of our customers in the markets they operate.


Remain a reference in the European transport market, always endeavoring to achieve excellence in management and high-quality services.


The highest standards of safety and quality underlie the development of our work. We are keen to ensure the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the company by believing in long-term sustainable growth.


We promote continuous improvement efforts and entrepreneurial capacity in our management model through the development and innovation of new processes, methods and services.


We stand for standards of excellence in providing our services, always benefiting our customers.

We act responsibly and transparently in all the activities we develop, always acting honestly and professionally, respecting the norms and rules defined.
Proud to be Patinter
United for the same purpose and desire to win, we are a cohesive team that prides itself on being part of a company that makes a difference, that honours its history and cares for its employees.
Rooted in our humble organizational culture is a way of being that defines the interpersonal relationship of our team.


Currently being one of the leading European transport groups present in over 20 countries, Patinter keeps in its organisational culture the impression of both the people and the place where it was born, cultivating the values and determination of its founder over the years.


We were in 1964 when the automobile assembly line was installed in Mangualde (Portugal). In the absence of national carriers that could meet the transport needs of this plant, the French carrier PAT- PARIS AQUITAINE joins the automobile factory to open a branch office in Portugal. And that is how Patinter is born. Patinter was the first Portuguese company to have lorries with licences to carry 40 tons and have 13 meters in length. It was the year of 1967 when PATINTER was formally established. However, it started its activity in 1968 when the formalities were completed.

After 25th April 1974, PATINTER also lived a period of economic and financial instability. Paris Aquitaine and Citroën have separated from Patinter at that time.

The sale of Patinter to an entrepreneur from Mangualde was not enough to reverse the decrease in the activity and only in 1986, with the new acquisition made by the management, did Patinter get back on a path focused on the company's growth.

A new beginning
José dos Santos Polónio was the first Patinter's driver. Due to his experience and professionalism, José Polónio was invited to do a traineeship at Paris Aquitaine, in Paris, also becoming responsible for the first 3 vehicles of Patinter.

Later, José separated from Patinter and established his own transport company named Azurtrans with head office in Porto.

Recognising Patinter's potential, José Polónio bought the company in 1986. For management strategy reasons and believing his family's potential and charisma, José Polónio delegated different areas of the "new" Patinter to his sons — António José, Francisco, Alberto, Isabel e José  —  transforming it into a family company with strong and proactive features.

The big growth
The new Administration adopted an expansion strategy with a strong vision of prosperity since its beginning and in only 5 years it increased the number of vehicles of its fleet from 8 to 70 lorries.

The strong growth of the automotive sector and the requirements it established in the transport market boosted Patinter's internationalisation and the foundation of the group. In the late 90's, Patinter invested in new markets in a sustainable way, building facilities that would adapt to future traffic flows.

Technological pioneering
Since 1994, Information technology was considered an important factor in improving the developed work and a distinction factor for the customer. Consequently, in the same year a satellite-based monitoring and communication system was installed in a significant part of the fleet with pioneer technology in Portugal.

Patinter Spain
Establishment of Patinter España with the aim of promoting the development and consolidation of the parent company. - Awarding of the Quality Certification.
Patinter Spain
Patinter France
Opening of the facilities built in Maia, Grande Porto, Portugal
Incorporation and coming into service of Patinter France, Paris.
Patinter France
Patinter Spain
Construction of its own facilities in Vitória, Spain, adequate to logistics operations and traffic support.
Patinter Spain
Patinter Spain
Patinter invested efforts in opening another branch office for administrative support in Madrid
Patinter Spain
Patinter Germany
Establishment of Patinter Deutschland.
Patinter Germany
Patinter Czech
As a result of the relocation of the automotive sector to the East, Patinter established in Czech Republic the 7th company of the group - Patinter CZECH.
Patinter Czech
OSHAS 18001:1999
Implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System according to the OHSAS 18001:1999 Standard.
OSHAS 18001:1999
Patinter II
The company strategically invested in the logistics and housing sector, thus establishing Patinter II, Logística e Imobiliária S.A with head office in Alverca do Ribatejo for location strategy reasons.
Patinter II
New services
Earlier this year, Patinter invested in new services in the logistics and distribution area, specifically in the national distribution of foodstuff transported in refrigerated vehicles in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto.
New services
Patinter UK
The constant market changes lead Patinter to invest in new services in different markets. Moreover, in this year Patinter UK is born in London, a new company with its core in the shipping container transport services.
Patinter UK
Environmental management system certification
Patinter has obtained certification of the environmental management system according to the NP EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard, the standard that attests to the compliance with the best environmental practices.
Environmental management system certification
Patinter innovates with certification aimed at family and professional balance
In the transportation sector, Patinter is the first Portuguese company certified in the standard that foresees a balance between its employees’ private and work life.
Patinter innovates with certification aimed at family and professional balance