Contingency Plan COVID-19

23 / 03 / 2020
Contingency Plan COVID-19

Patinter, as a socially responsible company, has defined, according to the general recommendations of the public health authorities, a contingency plan determining the adoption and implementation of a set of measures and initiatives aimed at the prevention and mitigation of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), with the priority objective of ensuring the safety and protection of its customers, employees, suppliers and partners.
This plan covers all Patinter employees, as well as partners and service providers, who work on the premises of the Patinter group companies. The updating of these contingency measures depends on the evolution of the outbreak and the recommendations of public health authorities.
Faced with this new challenge and an unprecedented situation, the Patinter team is committed to finding the most relevant solutions, strengthening the protection of all stakeholders as well as ensuring business continuity.

In this regard, Patinter decided to implement several measures immediately in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
The following measures have been taken on Patinter’s premises:
- Provision of prevention kits (masks and gloves) to employees.
- Restrictions on the level of access to buildings;
- Imposition of a safety distance of at least two metres;
- Limitation of the number of employees in the different service sectors;
- Resolution of situations whenever possible by telephone;
- Purchase and availability in all sectors of equipment and products necessary for hand hygiene;
- Definition of reporting responsibilities for suspicious cases - background and subsequent information to health authorities;
- Informing staff and posting in all sectors of the specific COVID-19 prevention procedures, as well as the procedures to be followed in a suspect case;
- Preparation of an isolation area in the event of confinement of a suspected case;
- Limitation of face-to-face meetings and travel;
- Adoption of teleworking arrangements by workers with compatible functions, ensuring minimum services.

In the customer premises:
Patinter has as a high priority the fulfillment of the specific Contingency Plan of each of its customers, having in particular attention, all the measures related to its employees, because only with a joint effort power-the response and minimisation of the impact of this epidemic. If you are a Patinter customer, please let us know your contingency plan and the measures that cover Patinter employees.

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