Patinter innovates with certification aimed at family and professional balance

21 / 10 / 2020
Patinter innovates with certification aimed at family and professional balance

Patinter recently obtained certification in Portuguese standard 4552:2016 as a result of effectively implementing its "Professional, Family and Personal Life Conciliation Management System”. This process began in 2018, when the company took part in the "3 in line - Professional, Family and Personal Life Conciliation Programme” promoted by the Portuguese government and has culminated, now, with the certification awarded by Bureau Veritas.


The detailed (qualitative and quantitative) analysis that is at the basis of the award now obtained was rather thorough and consisted in various stages of surveys / interviews, as well as training and awareness sessions. Besides these actions, it was also necessary to adjust in-house policies and procedures to better conciliate the professional, personal and family life of its employees. This also reflected itself in less absenteeism, increased productivity, and in retaining talent.


In practical terms, Patinter’s employees can benefit from 42 measures that facilitate conciliation, distributed throughout three areas: Good Work Practices; Services and Benefits; Professional Support and Personal Development. Concrete examples of these actions are access to free physiotherapy and ergonomics services, occupational gymnastics sessions, special conditions in health, well-being, bank, and insurance institutions, and even a parenting support programme.


"As the family company that we are, we also try to make Patinter a place where motivation and respect abound, where employees feel "at home”. We make a point of supporting our human resources, as well as their families, adopting measures that help them enjoy a good balance between all their realities, both personal and professional. Observing the commitment and satisfaction of our employees throughout this demanding process has been, in and of itself, gratifying and demonstrates our common desire to consolidate the work developed within this scope”, emphasizes company management.