Patinter has just launched a new App“Patinter Driver”

22 / 05 / 2021
Patinter has just launched a new App“Patinter Driver”

Patinter has just launched a new phone App called "Patinter Driver”. The aim of this app – for group in-house use only – is to simplify and speed up the loading / unloading processes, as well as improve direct communication (regardless of the distance) between the fleet management teams and the drivers.
Integrated with the fleet management system software, this new digital platform will improve the sending of loading and unloading orders in real time, record various operations carried out by the drivers, as well as send loading and expenditure documents, reducing administrative time and processes.
 To guarantee this project’s efficiency, the company has wagered on the purchase of smartphones, providing the drivers with mobile data.
The "Patinter Driver” App is yet another step towards modernizing and digitalizing processes, perpetuating the wager that Patinter has made within this sphere for several years.
Available in 6 languages, this new tool will also enable complying with the company’s environmental principles since, thanks to its implementation, the use of paper is foreseen to drop 30% and the number of kms empty will diminish, contributing towards less fuel consumption.
A second version of the app is already being developed and will include the launching of new functionalities whose purpose is the same as those already presented, that is, to make the drivers’ day-to-day easier, such as: services related to human resources management, travel assistance and online training.