Patinter invests in an innovative system for receiving complaints

02 / 11 / 2017
Patinter invests in an innovative system for receiving complaints

Patinter has revamped its customer support service with the creation of a communication channel for receiving complaints. With this system, the carrier upholds its commitment to continuous improvement of the service it provides, permanently fostering a customer relationship based on trust.
Maria Palash, coordinator of the Department of Quality, Hygiene and Safety at Work, explains that this new service "allows us to achieve a more rigorous monitoring of complaints received, and to guarantee our customers a faster and more effective remedy". In addition, this process will be of great importance to Patinter, since, according to the manager, "the records compiled will form a narrative, completing our customer knowledge, thus opening up new opportunities for improving our work ".
This company investment, along with others that have been implemented, reveals that the customer takes priority in Patinter’s list of concerns. This complaints communication channel shows that the carrier values the opinion of its customers, maintaining its commitment to loyalty and outreach.
The new service will be available from November 1st, 2017, via the e-mail, where the company will receive complaints instantly.