Patinter joins conciliation pact

07 / 12 / 2018
Patinter joins conciliation pact

Patinter is part of a group of 47 companies, 13 of them private, which joined a pilot project - "3 in Line" - promoted by the Portuguese Government. The main objective of the programme is to implement measures to reconcile employees' personal and family life. These measures are incorporated into the organizations’ management systems, so as to promote effective equality between men and women.

In the official presentation of the "3 in line" programme, which took place in Lisbon earlier this month, the Minister of the Presidency and Administrative Modernization, Maria Manuela Leitão Marques, stressed the importance of the project’s banner companies. "Today, we have been able to provide another boost to equality, a support for the previous steps, in parity, in wage non-discrimination, in balanced representation in leadership positions," said the Minister.

Being the only company in the freight segment included in the experience, Patinter also intends to include in this integration the certification of its work, family and personal Life Balance Management System with the "NP 4552: 2016" standard.

With this membership, Patinter intends to balance and boost the existing plan of measures, and foresees implementing additional measures, including a free psychology service, which focuses mainly on strengthening family relationships and on the prevention and follow-up of states of stress, burnout and the offering of a birth / adoption basket.