Patinter 'Pharma' service growing

26 / 09 / 2018
Patinter 'Pharma' service growing

With a annual growth of 50%, Patinter's pharmaceutical transportation service was recently reinforced with the increase of the fleet allocated through the acquisition of new trailers, endowed with specific characteristics for this type of service, with all certificates according to the standards of certification to the GDP - Good Distribution Practices.

The new equipment has significant developments that allow an increase in value in the service provided by the company: (I) by eliminating redundancies there is an increase in its performance and consequently a reduction in the probability of technical failures that lead to unwanted delays ; (II) through improved airflow from the floor to the ceiling, there is an increase in the accuracy of the desired temperature along the loading space; (III) equipped with the "Rollerbed" system, this equipment, besides facilitating the process of loading and unloading of merchandise, also allows to shorten its duration, which makes this equipment a great complement to the one of air cargo.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the 24/7 control system is enhanced in this type of service, with a dedicated transportation manager, and a customized contingency plan that includes 24-hour technical assistance.

Guaranteeing the safety and quality of the items transported during the transport is a factor of extreme importance in this sector and, for that reason, also the training of the human resources highlighted for the fulfillment of these freights is taken into account, assuring drivers specialized in the accomplishment of good practice with regard to the transport of pharmaceutical products.

The "Pharma" service operates under the full load regime, both in the import and export system, throughout Europe.