Patinter recognizes top eco drivers for the third consecutive year

02 / 01 / 2019
Patinter recognizes top eco drivers for the third consecutive year


This is the 3rd year that Patinter wagers on rewarding its drivers by evaluating their performance based on the best driving indicators, always with the objective of assuring greater operational efficiency.


The results obtained are collected from the vehicles themselves which, through state-of-the-art technology, provide a set of data to Patinter's fleet management systems. This information is, then, worked through algorithms, thus, creating indicators that allow evaluating driving styles and determining which of these fall within the reference standard.


The Ecodrive initiative is currently part of the Ecomove campaign - which encompasses a series of sustainable actions and measures - which Patinter has currently implemented within the scope of its environmental certification. Ecodrive also allows raising safety standards to obtain significant improvements in fuel consumption and, consequently, in the emission of polluting gases, reducing maintenance costs. This allows Patinter to channel these resources towards the continuous improvement of the service itself.


For José Figueiredo, the new head of the EcoDrive project, "these 50 drivers did a remarkable job. They should be congratulated, not only for how they drive, but also for their environmental concerns and for saving fuel and company resources. More than an attitude, EcoDrive is a way of being. We know that our drivers are the best, so we challenged everyone and we want to see them all at the top next year", he concluded.


Work on the continuous improvement of this programme focused mostly on the professional training of the drivers and the key message was emphasized in different ways: small behaviours generate great results. This gradual improvement has already allowed Patinter to reduce its energy bill by 3%.