Wake Up Project - Patinter has already done 360 screenings of obstructive sleep apnea

13 / 05 / 2019
Wake Up Project - Patinter has already done 360 screenings of obstructive sleep apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea  Syndrome (OSAS) represents a blockage in the upper airway (VAS) during sleep, which eventually causes great instability and doesn't allow healthful sleep.

With this condition, the patient will tend to suffer from daytime hypersomnolence (HDS), which can cause traffic and work accidents but also can change memory and family relationship.

Aware of this reality - which affects more men (24%) than women (9%) - Patinter joined a specialized team in this area, involving the company "Linde Saúde" (in the screening phase), pulmonologists of the Viseu, Espinho and Gaia Hospitals (in the research phase of drivers showing (OSAS), as well Patinter professional medicine and human resources teams.

A total of 300 screenings (OSAS) and 65 sleep studies made in Patinter group (Mangualde and Maia), 23 drivers are already in the process of treatment and about ten waits for the beginning of it, which proves the meaning of this project and the real impact that has on the quality of life of these professionals. Screenings are scheduled at Patinter's Occupational Health Department,  and once a year (usually on World Sleep Day), the screenings are extended to the employees direct families.

The most common symptoms of the condition are snoring, sweating, excessive urination (overnight), apnea and nighttime choking, as well fatigue, drowsiness, morning dry mouth and changes in mood and concentration (during the day).

Combating OSAS can include behavioural treatment (weight loss, positional therapy, elicit escape and sedative treatment before bedtime) or continuous use a flow generating device  (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure - CPAP) that provides pressure upper airway (VAS) through the use of a mask during sleep.