Corporate Social Responsibility

Patinter invests in sports projects that stand out for their organisation and innovation features. From hockey to football, Patinter collaborates with and encourages the sports practice all over the country.
A play, a circus show, a film, a piece of art... There are many different culture manifestations that link Patinter's support to culture. In 2015, Patinter in partnership with Viriato Theatre, its sponsored company, and Vestido Theatre brought on stage the play Viajantes Solit√°rios [Lonely Travellers]. The play portraits the world of lorry drivers, a "kind of a single traveller manual" that also deals with the typical "Portuguese anxiety" about leaving. It is currently on tour in the best theatres of the country. 



Within the road safety prevention, we develop projects in partnership with PRP - Portuguese Road Prevention and the University of Chichester (UK).

For us, road safety is a priority!

The daily commitment and the behaviour demonstrated by our drivers on the roads speak for themselves, in 2015 we achieved a reduction of 10% of the accident rate. When we talk about safety, our work will never finish, a team of trainers daily promotes initiatives, based on information, training, and awareness of the best practices of road safety.


Patinter takes part of several charity projects, taking up a dynamic role in Banco Alimentar contra a Fome [Food bank], Portuguese Red Cross, Foster care and child support institutions and retirement homes. We also cooperate with Fire Brigades and local associations that promote community support and assistance projects.


Viver Mais Patinter

The project Viver Mais - Living More is a quality of life project created and designed by Patinter and aims to give employees a sense of well being, health, balance, satisfaction, pleasant and safe working environment.

The project Living More has a global view of the employee, based on the philosophy of the concept of WHO - World Health Organization, which is concerned to promote the full ' physical well-being, mental and social and not only the absence of disease and infirmity '.

This project guides employees to a growing process of valuing life, by acquiring healthy habits and customs, functional behaviours and consistent attitudes with the potential of each one.

The project is divided into four lines of action, Health, Wellness, Ergonomics and Labor Gymnastics.