Patinter, as a dynamic organization, intends to promote sustained and integrated development, with a view to continuous improvement in all its areas of activity. Growing sustainably is one of Patinter's core principles and not a major challenge for the company. The concern with the excellence of service quality, with the preservation of the environment, with the safety, health and well-being of its collaborators are intrinsic commitments to our solid and stable culture, counting on the proactive participation of all collaborators.

Our Commitment

Our global sustainability commitments are in line with our mission to be recognized as a sustainable carrier, promoter of local development and global sustainability agent.


Patinter is a company certified under the ISO 14001:2015 standard that regularly carries out the identification and assessment of environmental aspects in all of its operating locations, subsequently implementing measures to reduce the negative effects of the company's activity on the environment.


Reducing GHG emissions is Patinter's concern. The application of measures such as, for example, the use of a recent fleet, fleet renewal with consumption efficiency inducing equipment, continuous training in economic driving, timely and adequate preventive maintenance of vehicles, tire pressure control, route optimization , among others, resulted in a significant reduction in emissions, making it possible to exceed the established target.

Sustainability Goals 

1) Energy consumption of the fleet

5% reduction during the 2021-2023 triennium.

Respectively, target 2021 - reduction of 1.7%.

(Monitored parameters: average fuel consumption per vehicle liters per 100 km; Energy consumption - Fleet (toe))

  2) Scope CO2 Emissions 1 (associated with the service)

5% reduction during the 2021-2023 triennium.

Respectively, target 2021 - reduction of 1.7%.

(Monitored parameters: CO2 emissions associated with fuel consumption (ton); CO2 emissions per ton per km (kg); CO2 emissions per km traveled (kg))

3) CO2 Emissions scope 2 

2021 goal

Reduction by 5%.

(Monitored parameters: Electricity consumption (kWh); CO2 emissions associated with the energy consumption of facilities (ton))

4) Waste recovery fee 

2021 target - 90%

(Monitored parameters: Produced waste, ton; Reclaimed waste, ton)

  5) Average age of vehicles 

Target 2021 - 3 years, in the medium -long term - keep the average age less than 3 years.

  6) Number of accidents with environmental impact

Goal 2021 - 0
Valuing Human Capital
Valuing Human Capital
Human Resources

Recognizing the importance of human resources in its activity, Patinter is daily committed to providing its employees with a safe and comfortable work environment, as well as creating the conditions for the personal development of employees.

Sustainability goals 

  • The average number of workers - 1000 employees
(Parameters monitored: Average number of workers; HR Turnover; Local employability rate)
Occupational health and safety

Patinter's health and safety strategy underpins our commitment to life first. It comprises the application of procedures for the full identification of hazards and risk assessment, combined with assertive management, both preventive and mitigating. We also invest in technological innovations that make it possible to eliminate the dangers inherent in the transport activity.

As part of this persistent effort, awareness-raising actions, workshops and internal campaigns are periodically developed to promote attitudes and behaviors with regard to the culture of safety and health at work. Examples include Sleep Day, Safety Day at work; Blue November, Vision Day, etc.
Sustainability goals

1) Decrease in the number of work accidents by 5% in 2021

(Parameters monitored: No. of work incidents, Severity rate, Frequency rate, Lost time injury index (LTIR), Personal injury index (PIR); Obesity rate, Smoking rate.)
Road safety

Road safety is a priority at Patinter.  Therefore, we are concerned with ensuring safety conditions for our employees and all those who daily share the same roads as us.  Over the years, we have been implementing and consolidating a road safety culture, which will soon be recognised by obtaining  the ISO 39001:2017 certification.

Sustainability goals 

1)  Number of deaths in road accidents (which result from our responsibility)

Goal 2021 - 0

2)  Number of serious injuries in road accidents (which result from our responsibility)

Goal 2021 - 0

(Monitored parameters: Number of fatalities in road accidents; Number of serious injuries in road accidents, Incidence rate - road accidents per 1M km; Severity rate - road accidents with fatalities or serious injuries per 1M km)

Ethics and Conduct

Based on the highest standards of ethics, transparency and compliance, our Code of Ethics and Conduct establishes the principles that govern the activity of the companies in the Patinter group and a set of rules of an ethical and deontological nature to be observed by the respective members of the governing bodies and by all employees, in its relationship with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Sustainability goals 

1)  Number of infringements - CEC trading and social principles (corruption and bribery, fair competition, etc.)

Target 2021 -0;

2) Number of infractions - key CEC principles (violence, discrimination, forced labor, harassment, etc.)

Target 2021 -0;

3) Complaints at the level of CEC compliance 

Target 2021 -0;

4) Disciplinary proceedings linked to non-compliance with the CEC

goal 2021 -0;

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